May 27, 2014
by Pascal Lachance

China – From Mengla to Kunming

So much has happened since I entered China 2 months ago. I still remember how much more shops, people and cars there was 5kms passed the Laos border. It was quite a contrast with the quiet streets of Laos. The … Continue reading

April 30, 2014
by Pascal Lachance
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Mountains of northern Laos, towards China

After leaving the Laos capital city of Vientiane, it was towards the northern mountains of Laos towards I encountered my firsts challenging climbs since I started my journey. It proved emotionally difficult, sometimes frustrating but a memorable experience. Going through party town of Vang Vieng and charming Luang Prapang, the inspirational Hmong people and their delightful villages dotted the way to the Chinese border. The amazing views of the landscape and friendships I’ve created along the way will remain with me forever. Continue reading

March 23, 2014
by Pascal Lachance
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First 2 weeks in Laos

Last days in Thailand towards the border with Laos was good riding. I was sad leaving Thailand, a country a really like, but I was excited to get in Laos and tackle the northern region and its hills. Savannakhet was lovely so was the ride to Vientiane, especially the night at a guesthouse where I was invited to have a feast and a few beers by a group of friendly locals! Continue reading

January 19, 2014
by Pascal Lachance

Visa Run

Since I had only 15 days allowance in Thailand while crossing the border by land, I needed to do a visa run as the travellers are calling it. This consist of taking some transport (minivan, bus, boat, etc…) to a nearby country, exit Thailand, enter that neighboring country, turn around and re-enter Thailand having a new 15 days (or 30 days depending on the country). During my first 2 weeks in Thailand, I spend my time in the south region, Krabi and Khao Sok National Park being the highlights. Continue reading