Across Latin America

Over than a year in planning, our project of cycling across Latin America finally materialized at the start of 2019 when the timing was right. We had enough money piled up to have a nice trip and we felt it was now or never. We handed out our resignation letters, sold every possession, stored our personal items in my mum’s place and didn’t renew our lease for our apartment. We packed our bags, put our bikes in boxes and took a flight to Las Vegas where our journey began.

Why Las Vegas? Tiphaine already had already cycled a good section of the US West Coast and we didn’t feel like doing it again. Weather-wise and considering the time of the year we left it was the best location. We also wanted to visit the Grand Canyon and from Vegas, it was a good warm-up ride. On top of that, there were direct flights from Quebec City.

From Las Vegas we headed to the Grand Canyon following route 66, cycle back the way we came from to reach Los Angeles then follow the coast to San Diego and ultimately Mexican border. We’ll then cross Baja California to La Paz and take a ferry to Mazatlan, on the Mexican mainland as they call it. From there, we zigzag our way to Mexico City before heading to the state of Yucatan before crossing into Belize.

We are aiming at meandering our way across Central Americas, visiting as many Mayan and Aztec ruins as possible and put our wheels on every country in Central America to eventually reach Panama City.

From there, we’ll take a boat to Colombia where we’ll head south toward the start of the Andes. It’s going to be up and down from there as we except on following the mountains for as long as possible. We’ll eventually reach Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, and Argentina where our final destination awaits; Ushuaia.