About Me

I’m Pascal from Quebec City, Canada. Thanks to my parents, I’ve always been quite active growing up. Mum and Dad always encouraged me to be involved in pretty much any sports I could find time for. Cycling is something I’ve been enjoying since a very young age. Whether it was on roads or on the mountains, I always loved pushing the pedals. In my opinion, cycling is the perfect way of transport. Being in the open involves all the senses; you feel the air and smell it and sometimes can taste it, you hear what’s going on out there despite sometimes what’s around makes pretty loud noises and most of all you’ve got heaps of time to really absorb the surroundings with the freedom of going pretty much anywhere. And no need for petrol which saves a fair bit of money!

Early during my teenage years, weekends or week-long getaways were regular, my dad bringing the family to the USA or simply go camping in the Canadian countryside. I quickly developed a sense of exploration and always wanted to learn and discover new things. I guess that’s where the touring-cycling passion coming from.

Why cycle-touring?

Living in Australia for the last 7 years, the proximity of Asian countries allowed me to travel there a few times over the years. The first time was backpacking by my own in Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, and Singapore. When in Luang Prabang and walking along the Mekong, 4 fully loaded bikes were coming straight at me and stopped not too far ahead of me at a cafe/restaurant. I stopped and ask them about pretty much everything about their trip. What struck me the most was that this group was a family; mum and dad along with their 7 boy and 9 years old girl. They probably spent 15 minutes of talking about their experience, all talking over each other with excitement and passion I have never seen before. I was sold. My next trip was going to be on my bike. Many times have I told myself “If they can, I can”.

From the window of the bus seat I was traveling on in Vietnam, all I was thinking of is being out there, cycling along at my own pace, interacting with the locals, stopping at local markets, veering left on that road leading to that small village 200 meters off the road. So the year after, I returned to Vietnam for a month holiday with my bike and cycling most of the way. That was the best thing ever, I absolutely loved it. Then it was South Korea the year after. New Zealand followed a few months later. Cycling to the top of Mount Kosciuszko during the Easter break? sure why not!


Travelling inspires me to take photos. Like many, I love to snap most of the things I am coming across. Although I like photography in general, going outside the area I am living in wakes up the artist and photographer in me. The ultimate photography day for me is when I am on the road, outside the environment, I am used to when my eyes are seeing something new and different.

Going on a bike ride around the world provides the ultimate photography opportunity. Going through a different culture and their people, some of the best scenery on earth, the colors and light evolving and changing every day provide plenty of opportunities and challenges. It’s also important to share my adventure with family, friends, and anybody interested in photography or cycling; photography is the perfect medium for me. And what’s better than looking at your photos months and years after your trip!!

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