Journey Back Home

Photo galleries about my Journey Back Home

My journey back to my homeland of Canada started in Cairns, Australia. With my bicycle, I pushed around the top of Australia through Darwin, then across the heart of the Kimberley region on the well-known Gibb River road to Derby before cycling down the Australian windy west coast all the way to Perth. After cycling about 8000kms in this amazing country, one understands how big this landmass truly is and how hot this place can get.

From Perth, the plan is to get on a plane to Singapore and jump back on the bike and cycle most of South-East Asia starting with Malaysia. Following the Malaysian west coast will get me to Thailand and its numerous amazing sights; national parks, beaches, islands, wildlife, natural wonders. Since it’s starting to open its doors a bit more easily, I’ll try to have a stint in Burma along the way. Eventually, I’ll enter Cambodia and visit one of the world’s most impressive man-made complex; Angkor Wat. Heading north, I’ll then enter Laos which I plan to cross all the way to the top. From there, I’ll carry on towards the hilly but spectacular northern region of Vietnam before entering China.

I am trying to obtain a Tibetan permit so I can cross the Tibetan plateau and enter Nepal on the Friendship Highway stretching from Lhasa to Kathmandu, right in the heart of the famous Himalaya Mountains chain. In Nepal, I’ll cycle the treacherous road from Kathmandu to Pokhara from where I’ll head down the Himalayas towards India. Heading East, I’ll enter Pakistan from Lahore then head to Islamabad. That’s where the real adventure truly starts; I intend to cycle the highest international highway in the world, the Karakoram Highway., stretching from Islamabad in Pakistan to Kashgar in China.

From Kashgar, I’ll go east towards Central Asia and the “stan” countries. I’ll first enter Kyrgyzstan and join the Pamir Highway before heading south into Tajikistan. Then, I’ll follow the Pamir Highway to Dushanbe and make my way towards Samarkand in Uzbekistan. Then, it’s across Turkmenistan towards Ashgabat where I’ll enter Iran. Following the northern region of Iran, I’ll try to have a stint in Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia before entering Turkey.

From Turkey, possibilities are endless so I’m not sure where I’m going to go from there. The only exceptions are Italy (Always wanted to visit this country!), Switzerland (have friends to visit) and France, where my plane departs in early December, 2014. Greece, Croatia, Spain and Macedonia are also countries that attract me a lot, but I’ll see once I get there.