Current trip – Cycling Across Latin America

A journey from the saddle once again, but this time I am cycling with my girlfriend. We started from Las Vegas, USA, and we’ll be cycling all the south to Ushuaia, Argentina. We left Vegas May 2019 and planning to reach Ushuaia between 18-24 months. We’ll see!

Journey Back Home

In 2013 and 2014, I spent 19 months cycling from Sydney, Australia to Paris, France.

My book, Journey Back Home, is recounting this trip in details. Available on Amazon in paperback or Kindle version.

Bikepacking Mount Kosciuszko

During Easter break in 2011, I rode to the highest point in Australia; mount Kosciuszko. This was my first trip with full camping gear and in preparation for a multi-month trip. Starting from downtown Sydney, I took off early morning riding for 5 days to reach the top on the last day. It was great to finally cycle for a few days in country Australia, the highlight being the climbing in Kosciuszko national park. {Read more…}

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Bikepacking New Zealand South Island

A few weeks after the earthquake in 2010, I landed in Christchurch. Then pushed the pedals for a week all the way to Queenstown going through amazingly beautiful landscape. Non-Earth like landscape was a mesmerizing environment to be and loved avery second of it. {Read more…}

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Bike touring South Korea

Wanting to in South Korea of a long time now, I was able to take a month off work and do it! Visiting a friend in Seoul was also a huge motivation to get there. I cycled from Seoul to Busan along the east coast, eating fantastic food and meeting surprisingly friendly people. {Read more…}

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Bike touring Vietnam

Vietnam was my first long ride outside a known environment. Cycling outside of my own country for the first time was thrilling, worrying, exhausting, adventurous and eye-opening. That is the trip that got me hooked up to bike journeys. {Read more…} 

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