South-East Asia Visas

Obtaining visas for South-East Asia is relatively straightforward and hassle free. There could be some bribing fees. If an officer asks you to pay more than what you should pay, ask and insist on getting a receipt for the extra fee.


30 days visa-free for Australians, stamp on arrival. Hassle-free. This Wikipedia page contains information about visas.


90 days visa-free for Australians, stamp on arrival. Very easy going. This Wikipedia page for information about visas.


On land-crossing, 15 days visa-free for Australians. Arriving by plane, 30 days visa-free. Easy going. Many visitors are doing visa runs to extend their stays in Thailand but it’s apparently limited to 2 visa runs. A visa run is getting out of the country for a few minutes or days before coming back in Thailand. It’s worth getting a 2 months visa before getting in the country if you intend to stay more than a month or if you cross the border by land. Possibility of extension for 30 days in Bangkok. The situation in Thailand chances regularly so it’s worth checking before heading off. Look up this Wikipedia page which gives good information.


Visa on arrival, 30 days for Australians, $30 US. Canadians will pay about $40 US. Bribing fees can vary from border to border if crossing by land. Wikitravel seems to be a reliable source.


Visa on arrival, 30 days, $30 US. Bribing fees can vary from border to border if crossing by land. Wikitravel is a good source.


Pretty much everyone needs a visa before entering the country. Conditions and visa duration vary a lot. Wikitravel explains it well.

Myanmar (Burma)

Visa on arrival is now possible. Length varies for nationals of different countries. Myanmar is a destination where it’s getting easier to travel around as it’s trying to attract tourists more than ever before. Check out Wikitravel for more information and the Myanmar immigration website is also giving good information.