On the road again


The last stretch into Perth was to remember. After spending the night at Kingsway caravan park, I rolled into Perth from using the cycle path following the ocean. The sense of achievement was to it’s climax when I got to a lookout over the city into Kings park. Something I’ll never forget. I enjoyed a well deserved break in Perth where I took time to catch up with friends before boarding a plane towards Singapore.

After resting more than 2 weeks, I took on the road again today; in Singapore. It was really humid, something I’ll need to get used to! It was really strange to cycle about 30 kms and cross the border into Malaysia. After cycling about 8000kms in 1 country, my first day back on the road and I’ve visited 2 countries. It was easier than I expected to get out of Singapore. Since my hotel was further north in Little India, I didn’t have to go through the CBD and negotiate the streets of Little India. Crossing the border was a breeze, being asked a single question: where was I heading to. In Johor Bahru I rolled in circle for about 10 kms; all roads seemed to lead to a highway! Another thing I’ll need to get used to; dealing with more than 1 road option.

It’s great to be back in Asia. I just love the markets, the food, people, atmosphere, the craziness. Walking the street of Johor Bahru tonight, I was lured into buying different kind of products; a fake Samsung galaxy 3, viagra, drugs. There was also that well equipped women who tried to seduce me. Quite a change from the luxury streets of Orchard road in Singapore where shopping complex follow each other for as far as the eye could see; Prada, Gucci, Armani, they’re all there.

I’m looking forward to riding Malaysia. It certainly looking like an entirely different kind of challenge!

Author: Pascal Lachance

I'm Pascal, cyclist, travel lover, software developer by trade and an enthusiastic photographer. I'm now cycling around the world, take the time to visit as many places as I can!