This is a start!


Well, never start with a hangover. That’s probably the worst way to start that bike ride I reckon!
Despite having a good fun the night before, those last few bourbons really hit me hard and were probably the cause my head wanting to explode during the first few hours, the hot sun making it worse. Not recommended!

Two days before, I arrived in Cairns airport and started mounting my bike, taking my time doing it. I’m in no hassle after all. After about 90 minutes, I was ready to begin. As I’m making my way out, I’m greeted by a man on his bike. He’s living in the area and works at the airport, commuting every day by bike. After a bit of a chat, he leads the way and shows me the way to the city. Good start I thought! I haven’t started proper and I’m already riding with somebody. This looked promising.

During those 2 days in Cairns, I ran some last minute errands before going. I had 1 afternoon to look around Cairns which was plenty enough if you’d ask me. Things to see are outside of town. I quite liked the mood in Cairns, very easy going and relax; just as I like it.

To get back to the ride, first day’s highlight was definitely the coast line where the jungle met the ocean. Lush and massive jungle cliffs were gently touching the flat ocean from their curvy base, the road sitting just at the base. Truly unforgettable scenery. It’s apparently the only place on earth jungle cliffs like those touches the ocean.

After spending the night at very the touristy Port Douglas, I took off towards Daintree National park, the oldest rain forest on the planet. It was splendid cycling, passing crystal clear creeks and rivers. I even spotted my first croc! Since I was on a bridge and there was a bit of traffic, I couldn’t really stop to take a photo. But I’m sure this is just a matter of time before snapping my first wild salty!

My first night wild camping was about 30 meters from the beach where crocs are known to cruise in the water. Swimming is strictly prohibited, but the beach was lovely. The morning drizzle and sun created a double rainbow which provided good photo opportunity. There are worst morning scenery I guess!

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Author: Pascal Lachance

I'm Pascal, cyclist, travel lover, software developer by trade and an enthusiastic photographer. I'm now cycling around the world, take the time to visit as many places as I can!