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Mount Kosciuszko

During Easter break in 2011, I rode to the highest point in Australia; mount Kosciuszko. This was my first trip with full camping gear and in preparation for a multi-month trip. Starting from downtown Sydney, I took off early morning riding for 5 days to reach the top on the last day. It was great to finally cycle for a few days in country Australia, the highlight being the climbing in Kosciuszko national park. {Read more…}

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New Zealand

A few weeks after the earthquake in 2010, I landed in Christchurch. Then pushed the pedals for a week all the way to Queenstown going through amazingly beautiful landscape. Non-Earth like landscape was a mesmerizing environment to be and loved avery second of it. {Read more…}

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South Korea

Wanting to in South Korea of a long time now, I was able to take a month off work and do it! Visiting a friend in Seoul was also a huge motivation to get there. I cycled from Seoul to Busan along the east coast, eating fantastic food and meeting surprisingly friendly people. {Read more…}

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Vietnam was my first long ride outside a known environment. Cycling outside of my own country for the first time was thrilling, worrying, exhausting, adventurous and eye-opening. That is the trip that got me hooked up to bike journeys. {Read more…} 

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